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COVID 19 negatively impacts on the movie industry, therefore the theater going experience becomes almost nonexistent for a while. It also limits the way to communicate with others. Since the majority of people wear masks, they have to talk with only their eyes. I want to provide people a new way to approach films from a certain perspective (rather than just seeing in the theaters, reading the reviews, or by their technical features) created after the pandemic. 


I crop eyes off of characters from various films. Then I divide them into several categories by the gesture they convey, like chapters of a book (What? part). I choose films as my thesis topic simply because that is one of the few things I am interested in. Eyes have always been a significant part of communicating, yet people still had less chance to focus only on eyes before the pandemic. How about introducing these limitations into movies? That's what I first thought. 

By showing only the character's eyes, I want the audience to think once again about the conversation method that has changed throughout the last few years. Also, they can think about what kind of emotions it causes to watch scenes where everything is blocked other than the eyes. Think how much you can read them while looking at the eyes alone. Through my thesis, these are the qualities I want to make viewers feel by watching only the eyes of films.

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